Tips On Choosing The Best Web Hosting Service

Every one who owns a business should have his own website. A website is like a virtual store front that people can visit at any time. Behind this website is a web host who takes care of all of the web files. He has an important job that people often do not think about. Just because the web host is never seen, its importance is not diminished. A web host does important things in the background to ensure that your website is running smoothly. For some hints on selecting a good web host for your business, read this article.

There are two popular platforms on which the web server can run. One platform is UNIX-based. The other one is Windows-based. There are debates as to which platform is preferable. The UNIX-based platform has a reputation of being more stable than Windows. It is also a lot less expensive because it is open-source.

You should have an idea of what your budget is. Figure out how much you can afford to pay for your hosting. As mentioned, a plan that is based on UNIX will be less expensive because the platform is open-sources. On the other hand, the Windows-based hosting plan will be more expensive because the operating system needs to be purchased.

A lot of hosting plans allow the customers the ability to manage their website from the back-office. A simple to use control panel can give you the ability to back up your own files, upload and download files, add a database, create sub-domains, and a whole list of other features. Many popular features can be added on quickly and easily, like the addition of a blog. You can even install a shopping cart if you are going to sell products.

There are two basic types of hosting that you should be aware of. One is called shared hosting, and the other is called dedicated hosting. In shared hosting, you share web server space with other businesses. When the web host upgrades or maintains the servers, everyone who shares space on that server is affected. Shared hosting plans are less expensive because the operating system is open source. Dedicated hosting is more expensive because the license to run Windows needs to be purchased. Your website is also hosted on a server dedicated only to your files. Server updates and changes on your server only affects you. This is a more secure way to host because since the server is not shared, there is little risk of other files introducing a security breach that will affect you.

Your web host should have a good reputation. It should have a good track record in reliability and customer service. Find out which other businesses are hosting their websites with this host, and get a couple of testimonials.

Web hosting plans offer a wide range of options. Consider your options carefully as you make your decision. Just remember that cost is not everything. If you keep these tips in mind, you can find a web host that will fulfill your needs.