Is It Time To Switch To A Better Web Hosting Plan?

Are you satisfied with your current web hosting solution? If you are constantly running into issues, it is probably time to switch to a different web hosting plan. This article will help you go through this process.

You should consider switching to a different web hosting plan if your site is down too often or if you are not able to upload more content to your server. Give your web host a chance to fix these issues but do not wait more than a month if problems keep appearing. Multiple problems are often a sign that your web host is not upgrading their equipment and perhaps generate enough money to purchase better servers. This means your web host will close sooner or later, and it is in your best interest to find another option before this happens.

If you registered your domain name with your web hosting service, you need to find out whether or not you will be able to keep this domain name when you cancel your web hosting plan. If you cannot keep paying only for your domain name, consider paying for two web hosting plans until your old plan expires and you can register your domain name with a different service. It is always best to keep your domain name and your web hosting account separate to avoid this kind of situation.

Do not cancel your web hosting plan right away. Take a few weeks to do some research for a better solution. You should learn from your mistakes and not select a web host with similar characteristics. You can find a reliable web hosting service by eliminating companies which have not been around for three years yet and reading reviews written by webmasters. If a web host has a bad reputation, rents server space from another service or does not monitor what webmasters upload, you should not purchase a plan.

Your new plan should corresponds to your needs. Assess the size of your website and how much it will grow in the next few months. If possible, select a web hosting service with multiple plans so you can upgrade to a better plan as you add more content to your site. Choose a plan that does not restrict you in your use of bandwidth or in the format of the content you can upload to your server. Look for additional features such as email addresses, analytical tools and site-building plugins if you plan on using these features.

Create your new account and upload your site to your new server. Test all your links and make sure all your pictures are uploaded in the right files. This is a good occasion to make some changes to your design or to the structure of your site if you want to improve it. Once your new site is ready, connect it to your domain name. Log in to the site through which you registered your domain name and enter the new server’s information. You can then get rid of your old web hosting plan.

These tips will help you transition from one web hosting service to another. Take the time to select a quality service before you switch.