iPad, Why People Love It

iPad is probably not merely the most talked about piece of equipment in current history, but is also a gadget with which has caused amazing polarization amongst consumers. Men and women are only able to either like it or dislike it. What exactly is so amazing with this particular love-hate relationship with Apple’s ‘magical’ and ‘revolutionary’ tablet PC is that you can see who love and who hate iPad.

On the other side, the technical people loathe it. These people loathe the fact that it cannot multitask, that it doesn’t have Flash, and that it is simply a large version of the iPod Touch. They are able to show you everything that is really unfavorable with iPad – from its lustrous screen that reveals every one of the yucky indications of fingerprints when switched off as well as the light weight aluminum back that is not going to make you feel comfortable once you place it on your lap early in the morning. They might even go so far as rant about the dark frame which is way too wide to be appealing. There may be practically nothing that iPad really does which some other gadgets does not currently do much better. And to top each one of these off, iPad is practically nothing a lot more than an item of organized publicity.

While the techies complain about iPad, the online congregation of Apple product enthusiasts continue to clamor for the success that Apple has achieved through the tablet PC that promises to permanently change the way personal computing will roll in the future.

Multitouch screen – This is surely among the top reasons why non-techie users of iPad love to have it around. Although iPod Touch can be used with nothing but bare thumbs, iPad takes multitouch screens to a level no other product has reached before.

You can still play your favorite game applications, but this time, the experience is enhanced. Instead of constantly zooming in and out of the board when you’re playing scrabble, you already have the entire board glaring back at you. If you are driving on simulators, your screen resembles a car windshield more than it does with iPod Touch. If you love reading eBooks on your IPod Touch, you will find that the iBooks e-reader application of its much younger cousin offers you an experience almost similar with reading an actual book. Turn a page and you’ll find how much thought was thrown in to create an e-reader app that will give an almost the same feel as with reading a book. With a few modifications, of course. A single tap on an unfamiliar word can give you a dictionary definition online, for one.

When browsing an internet site, as long as it doesn’t incorporate rich media contents created using Adobe Flash, you should have no difficulty. Apart from that, the overall experience of internet browsing with iPad is simply, amazing. It is fast, hassle-free, and liquid. It can be, as Steve Jobs stated, “the best browsing experience you’ve ever had”.

However, not everything which is great with iPad is about its fantastic screen. People enjoy the fact that iPad surpasses battery life expectations also. Where normal laptop computers and portable DVD players can spend as much as 4 hours battery life, iPad guarantees you as much as ten hours of uninterrupted use. No requirement for charging in between. Nevertheless do not take the manufacturer’s word for it. A single impartial review professed that his iPad played twelve hours’ worth of videos.

And additionally in spite of all these excellent things, iPad offers much more. What more would you require from a $499 Apple gadget?