How To Switch To A Better Web Hosting Service

Are you having doubts about your current web hosting service? It might be time to switch to a different web host. Go over this article for more information on this process.

Start by calling your customer service and telling them about the issues you have been having lately. Give them a chance to perform maintenance on your server and resolve the issues for good. If the technicians you talk to are not very helpful, you should ask if you can speak with a manager. Do not hesitate to ask for a refund if your site has been down for a long time. If your web hosting service does not solve your issues, it is time to switch to a different service.

Find out what will happen to your domain name once you switch to a different service. It is best to register your domain name through another service so you do not end up stuck using the same web host. If you have registered your domain name through your web host, find out if you can switch to a different plan that allows you to keep your domain name. If not, you might have to wait for your plan to expire and your domain name to become available so you can purchase it through a different service. Changing your domain name means you will lose your current ranking in search results and all your back links will become obsolete.

Take the time to compare different web hosting services and look for a reliable solution. Do some background research on the services you are interested in and call their customer service to make sure their technicians are properly qualified. Find a plan with enough storage space for your site, no restriction on the amount of bandwidth you can use or on the formats and languages you can use to develop your site. Pay attention to additional features such as email addresses, site building and analytical tools or the possibility to create your own message board.

Purchase a plan with your new web hosting service and upload your content to your new server. This is a good occasion to make major changes to your site without having to take it offline. Test all your links and make sure everything is properly uploaded. Once your new site is ready, contact the service through which you registered your domain name or log in to their site. Connect your domain name with your new server and your visitors will be able to access your new site as soon as the change become effective. You can then cancel your subscription to your first web hosting service. You should manually delete what you uploaded to your servers if you are storing information about your customers such as their addresses or credit card numbers.

Switching to a different web host is a necessity if your current web hosting solution keeps you running your online business properly. Take the time to compare different options before you decide which web hosting service you will use next.