How To Pay Less For Web Hosting

If you want your website to be successful, you must have a web host you can trust. You rely on your web host to ensure that everything at the back-end of your website is working perfectly. However, all of this costs money. Many website owners find that they have a hard time paying the hosting fees. Websites that only have basic features may not cost much to host. However, if you need additional features like e-commerce, blogs, etc., the fees will be higher. There are ways to reduce costs. Read this article for some suggestions.

Shopping for a web host is just like shopping for any other service. You want to explore your options and look for the best value. If you have the names of several web hosts in mind, do a comparison of their plans. Most hosts offer several tiers of service, so be sure that you are comparing the same tier among the candidates. Look at the features offered. Does this tier offer you what you need? Then, look at the prices and see which one gives you the best value.

If you plan to have multiple domains, do not open a separate account for each one. Manage your domains under one account. It is cheaper to just add-on because you do not have to pay set-up fees for each new account. Sometimes, you might even get a discount for multiple domains. In addition, one account is easier to keep track of.

Most web hosts offer different payment options, including a month-to-month plan and an annual plan. When you figure out the cost, paying a year’s worth of hosting month by month costs more than paying the annual fee. Although you do pay the annual fee upfront, you save money by paying for a full year. One drawback is that if you become unhappy with the service and you want to change to another host, you may not get credit for the months that you did not use.

Sometimes, a web host will offer discounts and coupons to first-time clients. Take advantage of those. They also occasionally offer you a discount if you refer your friends and family to them. If you can refer quite a few people, you can net yourself a fairly big discount.

Domain registration costs money, too. That is a fee separate from your web hosting fees. Some hosts will offer to register your domain name on your behalf for free. Just make sure that the registration is under your name and not the hosting company’s name.

If you just want to test the waters, you can use a free hosting plan for a couple of months. The features are usually fairly limited, but at least you get to put some web pages together.

Web hosts range widely in prices. The important thing is to determine what you need first. Avoid paying for features that you do not need. If you do a thorough evaluation of your potential web hosts, you will find one that will give you the value that you seek.