6 Reasons You Should Avoid Free Web Hosts

Web hosting can become quite expensive and many people contemplate choosing a free web host instead. As with anything that’s free, there come some complications with choosing a free host. The following article will focus on the reasons that you should avoid trying a free web hosting service.

You are going to be forced to advertise products that you don’t personally endorse. This means that you website will be littered with irrelevant and often inappropriate ads. When choosing a free host, you will not have any control over what is being advertised on your pages whatsoever. For example, you wouldn’t want the elderly receiving inappropriate male enhancement ads. When you pay for hosting, you can control what is being posted on your website.

You get very limited bandwidth and without bandwidth, you initially won’t get much traffic. The point of having a website is having enough traffic coming and going. When you hit your bandwidth limit on your website, it will automatically be shut down by your host until next month. This will mean that you will miss out on business and gaining potential customers. Most paid hosts offer unlimited bandwidth or high thresholds which ensure you won’t run out.

Customer service for free web hosts is poor or non-existent. When they are providing you a free service, there is no reason that they would want to provide you with customer service. You are essentially providing the service for customer support by leading traffic to your website and making money for the host through advertisements. Paid web hosts focus on good customer support 24/7.

There is very limited to no security when you use a free web host. If your website is hacked or the host goes down, there will be no backup of any of your website. Paid web hosts usually keep a backup of customers’ websites. Any and all of your information can be out there on the net if you don’t be careful! Remember, free hosts will not be looking to guard your privacy.

You won’t be able to have the benefit of using any specific tools that fit your needs. A free web host will only provide you with simple options such as displaying some pictures or altering the color of text. There aren’t very many options in terms of customizing your website. A paid host allows for galleries, shopping carts, plugins and website building software which can help build your website.

Your website name will not be hosted on its own. Instead of having a website that reads yoursite.com, it will be something like yousite.freehost.com. Imagine how hard that will be for search engines to track and customers to remember. People are much more likely to trust a website owner that has an established website that is here to stay.

With many things in life, there is the old saying, “you get what you pay for!” In many aspects, that is quite true. A poor web host is often the cost of pinching pennies. You need to ensure that you are getting a proper hosting service for your business!